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Our Assembly is devoted in the first place to a contemporary young man and well cover topics, which are especially interesting for a youth. That doesnt mean that we wont listen to people of other views, those who doubt or proclaim themselves atheists. On the contrary our magazine is devoted to them, as well as to those who have already crossed the threshold of church. We want to become such an assembly, which will be the place to answer the questions that separate us.

Editor-in-chief Fr Sergiy Titov


In expectation of heaven - by Fr Sergiy Titov

Once I had a talk with a man. The man complained of bad luck, bad mood. He got addicted to alcohol, nightclubs, casino and couldnt fully give up this way of life, because it was also a part of his job. I replied that it would have been better if he had left his job, but if it was impossible he could just stay and ask God to safeguard him against sin, and even if he yielded to temptation, to go, confess and pray again. Continued


Glorious church of African saints

Africa is considered to be one of the most important acquisitions of Orthodox faith in the 20th century. Orthodox theologists set great hope on this continent, viewing the land of jungles and savannas as the place for apostolic feat. Continued


A question to myself - by Nadezda Zacharova

I might be wrong, but I noticed that many ordinary people, who do not fundamentally deny the existence of God ( e.g.: might be something somewhere) , separate God from their everyday life. So it looks like that: God is in church and we drop in from time to time, in order to respect tradition, or out of a custom, or to ask for something, or to safeguard against something or someone, and as for our life - it flows by itself. Continued


267 rara avis -contemplations on the orthodox mission and the last orthodox congress

Long ago orthodox Christians forgot about their orthodox mission. Our ancestors fasted with zeal and patiently stood long hours in church, but it didnt dawn on them, that their neighbors, who were not Christians, should also learn Orthodox faith. They used to say: Russian faith for the Russians, and Tatar for the Tatars. The society treated all deviations from this standard as abnormal and conspicuous. Continued


I wish I were a missioner - interview with deacon Andrei Kuraev

A theologist, professor of snt Tichon Theological institute deacon Andrei Kuraev is well known to every Orthodox Christian. His books are the source of contemplation on faith, Church and ones place in the world. At the beginning of March you could attend his lectures, which he held in Kazan. He gave a special interview for our magazine. Continued


Act as your heart tells you - film director Elza Dilmuchametova about cinema, history and orthodox faith

Revival of religious life in Russia led to establishment of a new current of Russian cinematography. Orthodox documentary cinema appeared at the beginning of the nineties. It started with biased plain films, but during the last ten years managed to produce real masterpieces of cinematography. Continued


Preacher of joy - biography of bishop Sergiy Korolev

Bishop Sergiy arrived to the capital of Soviet Tatarstan in September 26 1950 and led his first service in snt Nicholas church on Bauman Street. After three decades of religious chaos and persecution, two years of his episcopacy was a real relief for the local church. Continued


Remote helmet - a story by Andrei Skiper

The story described in this article, took place at the beginning of Perestroika. At that time I traveled across Altai Mountains and among the other remarkable events, which took place during my travel, I particularly remember my visit to Agaphia. Continued

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